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12th Dec 2016

The world reacts with shock as Cristiano Ronaldo wins Ballon d’Or

Everybody act surprised.

Tom Victor

In the worst-kept secret of 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo has been confirmed as the winner of the Ballon d’Or.

It was a special year, with not one but two ceremonies held (Lionel Messi picked up his 2015 award in January), and the Euro 2016 winner got the last laugh on his long-time not-really-rival.

After Ronaldo led Real Madrid to Champions League glory and acted almost as a player-coach after going off injured in the final of Portugal’s victorious European Championships, people couldn’t have possibly seen this coming.

The reaction was one of shock.

No one saw it coming.

Did everyone practice their surprised face?

The news captivated the world.

And the sense of shock was so great it transcended language barriers.

The Ronaldo v Messi debate raged, because this is a day ending in Y.

Do you think people are getting sick of it?

So, what was Ronaldo doing when all of this went down? Why, he was basking in the glow of a photo of himself in bed, like he may or may not do every Monday.

It is Ronaldo’s fourth Ballon d’Or, for those keeping count, while we have now gone nine years since a player other than Ronaldo or Messi took football’s top individual honour.

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