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03rd Oct 2016

The Sunday Times seems to think the Archbishop of York manages Arsenal

An easy mistake to make.

Tom Victor

The Archbishop of York and Arsène Wenger. One’s the highest-profile figure in a revered place of worship, and the other’s some religious guy.

It’s easy to confuse the two, as the Sunday Times found out this weekend.

In profiling John Sentamu, the senior cleric elected by the chapter of York Minster in 2005, the paper forgot to remove elements of an earlier Wenger profile.

Well, we assume that’s the case. We don’t *think* the paper thinks Sentamu played for Strasbourg before taking coaching roles with Cannes, Nancy and Monaco in the 1980s.

We’re also pretty sure they’re not suggesting Wenger is married to the archbishop’s wife, Margaret, and it would be pretty impressive if Sentamu was born on both June 10 and October 22, unless men of the church have a queen-style double birthday arrangement that we weren’t aware of.

Obviously it’s just an innocent mistake. After all, Arsenal haven’t had an Archbishop Desmond (2-2) since the tail end of last season. No? You try coming up with a better archbishop/football pun on the fly. It’s not as easy as you’d think.

What’s more, the Frenchman hasn’t signed a single player called Jesus in his 20 years in North London, nor one called Christian (though a Krystian, young defender Bielik, was handed his debut by Wenger last season.

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