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03rd May 2017

The sin bin rule is coming to football

Good idea?

Darragh Culhane

Football purists will not be happy.

The Football Association has announced that they will trial the ‘sin bin’ in English football next season.

Players that receive a yellow card will be made sit in the sin bin for 10 minutes, identical to the rule in rugby.

The rule will be trialled by teams in the lower leagues of English football, with more than 1,000 clubs reportedly receiving emails over the weekend asking if they would be part of the process.

Portugal legend Luis Figo proposed the sin bin rule when he intended to run for FIFA Presidency in 2015.

The aim of the rule is to reduce unsportsmanlike behaviour in the game.

Clubs in England are usually fined £10 per yellow card but will not be charged if they participate in the trial.


Luis Figo,The FA