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13th May 2017

The showers at the Hawthorns hosted Diego Costa’s finest moment on Friday night

There's only one Diego Costa

Patrick McCarry

Diego Costa hopped off the Chelsea team bus at The Hawthorns, last night, and knew it. He could smell it.

The league would be Chelsea’s by night-fall.

This is what he came for.

Let’s win some motherf***in’ pots!

Costa did another fine job of leading the Chelsea line against The Baggies, just as he has done all season.

The Spanish international did not find the target but he harangued and harried the West Brom back four [back nine, at times] from the first to last whistle.

For a man that was linked with a January transfer to China, Costa refocused in the title run-in and played a massive part in Chelsea claiming their sixth Premier League triumph.

At the final whistle, Costa let out a primal roar and the party began. It rumbled on into the dressing room and even the post-match press conference, where himself and David Luiz attempted to abduct coach Antonio Conte.

This was not Costa’s greatest contribution to English football. No, that moment arrived amid the chaos of Chelsea’s post-match dressing room.

With his teammates dousing him in shampoo, shower gel and anything else they could find, the striker was accosted by Chelsea TV and their over-eager reporter.

The man was under a shower, trying to wash his eyes out with bloody Gatorade, for pity’s sake, when he had a microphone shoved in his mush and asked to sum up the season.


It’s what we were thinking and what Costa roared. Proper order too.

The media in England are now not far off the annoying American sports practice of camping out in a victorious dressing room for far too long. Sure, come on in for a while to get a taste of the scenes, but clear off please and let the lads enjoy their win.

Costa may well move on from England in the coming months but, if he does, he has at least left behind words that should see cameras and pushy reporters keep their distance… for now.