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27th Jun 2016

The man with the @JoeHart Twitter handle is having a rough time

Mistaken identity...

Monday night was a disastrous one for Joe Hart.

Against Wales he was let off the hook for his flimsy-wristed attempt to keep out Gareth Bale’s free-kick by England’s injury time winner. Against Iceland, a similar mistake was the knock out blow in England’s Euro 2016 campaign.

Spare a thought then for the man with the Twitter handle @JoeHart…

It’s currently the done thing to accidentally-on-purpose send angry tweets to people on Twitter that are the owners of handles that suggest they’re someone more famous than they actually are, and tonight was another example of that.

Just to clarify, @JoeHart explained that he was in fact a ‘chubby, gay comedian’ – not the England goalkeeper.

To be honest with you mate, you might’ve done a better job at turning this around the post…

Ah well.