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29th Apr 2019

The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 33

Wayne Farry

joe monday football quiz

Well that was a regular old weekend of football

Just one regular day of Barclays, that’s all we ask. The weekend of football has come and gone and it was frankly ludicrous. Manchester City and Liverpool continued their relentless march towards one of them becoming the best runner-up the league has ever seen, the teams pretending they want to finish in the top four continue to not know how to win football matches, and Leeds United continued their run of just being absolutely the weirdest and funniest football team around at the moment.

This week’s JOE Monday Football Quiz was, as a result, a case of deciding what to leave rather than seeking out what to include. The first 10 questions are based in one way or another on the football which has taken place in the last week, while the final round is one of those really easy/difficult ones where we ask you to name the obscure player from football of the past.