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11th Apr 2017

The image of Seamus Coleman all football fans wanted to see

This is pure class from the Everton duo...

Ben Kiely

It’s great to see Seamus Coleman smiling ear-to-ear again.

It wasn’t that long ago when hearts sank witnessing the Republic of Ireland captain lying prone a Dublin pitch in agony during the World Cup qualifier against Wales.

When that reckless tackle from Neil Taylor connected full force with Coleman’s leg, the sense of dread took over. This only intensified with the sight of him being stretchered off the field with an Oxygen mask stuck to his face.

It was so awful, they didn’t even show an instant replay of the foul on the live broadcast. Fans had to wait for the still images of the gruesome injury to do the rounds just to see exactly what Coleman was dealing with.

It’s going to take some time, but Coleman needs the right attitude and the right support around him to lift him. Fortunately, that seems to be the case.

What football fans were hoping to see in this very dark period for the national team was a sliver of light. Some sign of hope and positivity from the hurt captain.

On Tuesday, we got that in the form of a photo from Ronald Koeman.

The Everton boss, and Phil Jagielka, travelled to Donegal to visit his player while he’s recovering and the caption is sure to brighten up everyone’s day.

Coleman may have his leg in a cast and may be on crutches, but he’s got a few shoulders to lean on too.

Best of luck with the rest of the journey, Seamus. And fair to play to Koeman and Jagielka for making the trip.

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