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11th Sep 2016

The fight community reacts as CM Punk is quickly dismantled in first taste of MMA

Divided opinion

Darragh Murphy

It takes a special kind of courage to do what CM Punk did on Saturday night.

Having made his millions in the WWE, Punk made the decision to walk away from what he knew best in 2014.

Fast forward two years and the 37-year-old was fighting professionally on a UFC pay-per-view main card.

After training the basics of MMA under esteemed coach Duke Roufus, Punk put everything on the line as he took his first ever fight.

Prior to his UFC debut, the former WWE superstar had no experience of combat and he didn’t get much this weekend either, as he was dispatched in just over two minutes by hot prospect Mickey Gall.

Many fighters, in the run-up to UFC 203, were hoping that Punk would be embarrassed so that it could be proven that dues must be paid if one is to succeed in the Octagon.

But plenty of the naysayers were won over by a man in his late thirties who put it all on the line to realise his dream.

The reaction was always going to be mixed.

Some took the opportunity to laugh at Punk’s expense. 

But the vast majority of fighters wanted to commend Punk’s bravery for even stepping foot in the Octagon.

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