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Euro 2020

08th Jul 2021

The best celebration moments from around the country as England heads to Euros final

Kieran Galpin

England fans have screamed “it’s coming home” for weeks now, but as England approach the final on Sunday, it certainly looks like those words were not in vain. Despite the barrage of controversy surrounding the game, England beat Denmark 2-1 and are now to face Italy in the final on Sunday.

In true fashion and living up to their namesake, England fans have behaved like absolute nutters across the country. Here are some of the highlights.

Ian Wright had too many Redbulls before the match:

It doesn’t get any better than the England team revelling in their victory:

Nothing like a birds-eye view with questionable vocals in the background:

Rio Ferdinand leads the chorus of Sweet Caroline; I think we have our next Eurovision anthem:

England has climbed to new heights, as have their fans:

Hopefully, their drinks didn’t cost too much:

This absolute hero carried on celebrating:

This has some big “pick me” energy:

Someone get these lads a TV for the finals:

Tag yourself; I’m the guy dancing in front of the car:

Barry from EastEnders sounds like a regular Michael Buble:

Because one video of Barry isn’t enough: