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04th Jun 2021

The 10 best places to watch the Euros in London

Kieran Galpin

Euro Pub Crawl

The 2020/2021 UEFA Euros are just around the corner, and this year there is even more reason to get out and celebrate. Not only can you support local businesses, but meet with like-minded individuals who, like you, are buzzing for the rescheduled tournament.

Come the 11th of June; millions will flock to pubs and beer gardens to have a series of well mannered and completely sober evenings, joking, of course! Make sure you are not left out and book your places at one of these must-visit venues.

If you are based in London or are looking to travel for this year’s Euro’s, we’ve got you sorted. Grab a notebook and pen, because you’re going to want to write this down.

Pub on the park

Pub on the Park is a must for any large groups looking to vibe with the incredible atmosphere. Top up your tan and watch the footie simultaneously, thanks to the pubs enormous outside decking area that comes complete with heating for as the night draws on.

Though eating may be cheating in some social circles, you want to ensure you make it through the entire night. There really is something for everyone with a wide array of food options, including vegetarian and vegan choices.

Faltering Fullback

“Hidden away on the leafy avenue of Perth Road, tucked behind Finsbury Park, you’ll find this charming, well-loved Irish pub,” reads their website.

Having been ranked in the top ten pubs by Timeout, Faltering Fullback is famous for its delicious Thai food, welcoming staff, and its rather unique choice in decor.

With enough plants to rival the Amazon rainforest, it wouldn’t be hard to get lost amongst the foliage. Hopefully, that is the only loss while you are there.

The Railway Tavern

As the self-proclaimed “home of pub sport,” the Railway Tavern is a classic among locals and commuters.

As part of the Green King Local brand, these guys know how to put on an event. With over 3,100 venues nationwide, you should undoubtedly be adding them to your Euro pub crawl. In the words of their website, which are now positively drilled into my head, if you can’t be there, be here.

“Book a table to bag the best TV screens, ice-cold beers, fast table service, and more Euro 2020 décor than Wembley stadium itself!”

Abbey Tavern

Some pubs have clearly all shopped in the same furniture locations, but the Abbey Tavern is not one of them. The exposed wood, brass elements, and red leather seating add to the venue’s rustic feel, and the large windows are an easy reminder you have to stumble home after.

If you need any more reason to book a table, just know you never have to leave your seat, besides a routine loo break, that is. Thanks to the introduction of their new app, drinks and food can now be delivered straight to your table. So sit back, get the pints in, and wait for your legs to inevitably atrophy.

The Three Compasses

As a winner of the best Hackney pub, The Three Compasses is guaranteed to be jam-packed come the 11th. They are also proud to have remained an authentic East End Boozer, serving craft beers and enormous burgers.

They now have a newly renovated outdoor seating area, complete with heating and shelter, just in case, the UK weather decides to take a turn. They intend to leave half of the outdoor area free for walk-ins, and they are also only accepting bookings for parties of six.

Nordic Bar

As the name implies, this themed venue is right out of every Vikings dream. Who needs to visit Scandinavia when you can drink at Nordic for the Euro? With on-site cocktail masters, those of you looking for something other than a beer can get just hammered as everyone else.

In between games, or perhaps during if you are particularly good at multi-tasking, why not play a game of beer pong, table tennis, or play on classic arcade machines. This is the perfect venue for anyone looking to bring friends who aren’t fussed about the footie; shove them in a corner to play games while you celebrate and drink with like-minded fans.

Hope and Anchor

Hope and Anchor is undeniably the classiest entry on this list. One look at their chosen font, and you are confident that no one is going to throw up on your lap!

If your partner is not into football, entice them with promises of “sassy cocktails” and decor reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film. The outdoor area has sheltered huts, each with its own TV screen, so whether the party is inside or outside, you will not miss a second of the game.

Bradley’s Spanish Bar

Described as the “Hidden gem of Oxford Street,” Bradley’s promises you will leave with new friends and fond memories. Its alternative decor, with walls plastered in picture frames and posters, warrants a peek through the door at least.

Though they do not serve food, except crisps and nuts, there are multiple takeaways just down the road. Fill your stomach first, then waddle down to Bradley’s.

Greenwood, Victoria

With enough screens to rival PC World, Victoria has every angle covered, literally. The vibe is modern, with neon overhead lighting and more lights than Blackpool illuminations. Besides the lighting, the decor creates a speakeasy-style aesthetic, complete with stuffed Zebra heads.

If the fake heads of African mammals were not enough, then relish in their burgers. Each Burger comes complete with two beef patties and a secret blend of prime steak cuts. Yummy!

There are enough bars, restaurants, and pubs to make hundreds of completely valid options for your Euro experience. One thing is for sure; this year will undoubtedly be one of the biggest celebrations ever. But book quickly and efficiently because you don’t want to be sat at home while all your friends post every facet of their evenings on social media.

In the meantime, let us know which of these venues is on your bucket list for your Euro celebrations.