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16th Jun 2016

Television viewers disgusted by vile tattoos in the crowd during Northern Ireland vs Ukraine

Nooruddean Choudry

As well as thrilling football, the first week of Euro 2016 has been punctuated by some vile behaviour.

Sadly, it is a tournament that has attracted a number of despicable characters who have little interest in what is going happening on the pitch, and are focused on causing maximum physical harm to others.

For many it has been jarring to watch the behaviour of mindless thugs on the streets of France, as there was a real sense that the days of such unpleasant behaviour were well and truly behind us.

Ukraine v Northern Ireland - Group C: UEFA Euro 2016 : News Photo

That said, the footage of Northern Ireland’s game with Ukraine was possibly even more shocking. There was no crowd trouble or mid-game altercation, but in its own way it was just as grotesque.

Television viewers were dumbfounded to see a group of topless Ukrainian fans brazenly showing off their tattoos made up of neo-nazi swastikas, as if advertising their fascist leanings was absolutely normal.

Whether Uefa act upon these images remains to be seen.