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15th Jun 2017

Take a minute to appreciate Southampton Football Club’s gift to humankind

This is quite magnificent...

Simon Lloyd

Seriously, what the hell have we just watched?

And please, don’t assume that such an opening line means that we don’t like it… we just honestly have no fucking idea of what to make of it.

June 15, 2017. The day Southampton Football Club took unveiling new football kits to completely new territory.

Except they didn’t actually unveil a new kit at all. They just teased us all with this incredibly long-winded animated video, only to to turn it into some soap opera-style whodunnit right at the very end.

Without giving too much of its plot away, it begins with Ryan Bertrand (in animated form) and we see cameos from several Saints players and club legend Matt Le Tissier. At the end, we’re hit with the bombshell that someone has ‘stolen’ the new kit designs and that this is ‘to be continued.’

Oh, just do your self a favour and watch it, yeah?

Inevitably, the videos received quite a response on Twitter, with many speculating who might be responsible for stealing the club’s kit designs. (It’s blatantly Claude Puel.)

Never before has the launch of Southampton’s new kit meant quite so much to quite so many people. We eagerly await the next episode.