Swedish footballer channels his inner Stone Cold with beer celebration 3 years ago

Swedish footballer channels his inner Stone Cold with beer celebration

And that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold/Kennedy Bakircioglu said so

There are football celebrations and then there are football celebrations, and boy howdy, was this a football celebration.


If you're even a casual supporter of the sport of football, you'll be familiar with Luis Suarez' wrist kiss celebration, Alan Shearer's one arm salute, Paul Scholes' 'please leave me alone and let's just back to playing football' sprint back to the halfway line, or, the legendary Bebeto 'cradled baby'.

This is all to say that celebrations have always been elaborate and, thankfully, it would appear that they are getting increasingly complicated by the day.

That's a good thing, as evidenced by a celebration on Monday by former Sweden international Kennedy Bakircioglu, who channeled his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin with his celebration after the final goal for Hammarby IF in a 3-0 win against Goteburg.

The third - a sweet 30-yard free kick - caused electric celebrations which saw a beer (in a plastic glass) thrown from the crowd towards the 37-year-old. Rather than attempt to evade the beverage by ducking, Kennedy instead chose to successfully catch it and - stunningly - down it all in one fell swoop.

It was a fitting celebration and reminiscent of The Texas Rattlesnake's signature ring entrance/celebration from the WWE.

Understandably, the drinking of said beer provoked a reaction from the crowd which almost dwarfed that to the goal itself, and ensured that Kennedy goes down in history as one of football's GOAT celebrators.