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02nd Sep 2015

Swedish footballer scores one of the most bizarre own goals we’ve ever seen (Video)

This is just comical...

Tom Victor

For every embarrassing own goal that’s scored, we can normally spot some of the thought process behind it.

Take this Inigo Martinez effort for example – he was clearly attempting a casual bit of skill at 6-0 up, but just got his timing horribly wrong.

Such an Own Goal - Inigo Martinez (Spain v Georgia u21)

Or Carl Jenkinson – an attempt to get the ball as far from goal as possible, only with the wrong foot.

-Carl Jenkinson Own Goal Arsenal vs FC Köln 23 Jul 2011 2-1.flv

Djimi Traore was just trying to get his feet in order…

Djimi Traore Wonder Own Goal

While Chris Brass simply momentarily forgot how a human body was assembled.

Chris Brass Own Goal

But no matter how many times we watch this effort from Helen Eke, playing for Swedish club Hammarby against Orebro, we can’t work out what she was trying to do.

Nope, still no idea. Answers on a postcard, please.