Suriname Vice President makes himself captain and plays 54 minutes for the club he owns 4 weeks ago

Suriname Vice President makes himself captain and plays 54 minutes for the club he owns

60. 6-0... They lost 6-0.

In an incredible turn of events, Suriname Vice President - as in, an actual politician - pulled on the shirt of Inter Moengotapoe and played a total of 54 minutes in the team's CONCACAF clash against C.D. Olimpia.


Why? Because he owns the team, that's why. Oh, and he made himself captain - because why not?

60-year-old Ronnie Brunswijk - who has served as the country's VP since 2020 - is a former rebel leader and was previously the personal bodyguard of Dési Bouterse, who overthrew the government in 1980 via a military coup.

He played up-front and also wore the number 61 in honour of the year he was born.

However despite being quite literally a powerful presence on the pitch, he was ultimately substituted inside the first 10 minutes of the second half when the team were already 3-0 down.


Inter went on to lose 6-0 - but the elder Brunswijk spent more minutes on the pitch than Damian Brunswijk, his 21-year-old son. Incredible and not unlike the time he and a Chinese businessman decided to buy a club in the country's second division and made them play his son.

Brunswijk has actually been the player/owner of Inter Moengotapoe since 2002, having helped build the club's stadium, the Ronnie Brunswijkstadion - which is also incredible.

It's worth noting that beyond having formed the Surinamese Liberation Army or 'Jungle Commando', Brunswijk was previously convicted as a drug trafficker and in 2005, he was suspended for allegedly threatening a player at gunpoint during a match. The charge was ultimately dismissed due to a "lack of evidence".


Nevertheless, he's still not the best politician we've seen on a football pitch:

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