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24th Mar 2016

Stock market traders are paying their own classy tributes to Johan Cruyff

Matt Tate

The footballing community was rocked today by the sad passing of Johan Cruyff, one of the sport’s true icons.

Tributes to the godfather of Total Football – who died aged 68 after a battle with cancer – have been pouring in all day, with the FA in his native Netherlands calling him ‘the greatest Dutch footballer of all time’.

In a particularly unique gesture of respect, shares in Cruyff’s boyhood club Ajax have seen a notable spike in the number 14 – the shirt number synonymous with his sparkling career.

It was by far the most popular volume of shares being purchased – with the increase in trading causing the club’s value to rise by £5.5m before returning to normal by the end of the day.


Johan Cruyff