Steven Gerrard explains how he convinced Jermain Defoe to move to Rangers 3 years ago

Steven Gerrard explains how he convinced Jermain Defoe to move to Rangers

A more reliable goalscorer you'd struggle to find

Jermain Defoe is one of the best finishers in Premier League history and defenders in the Scottish Premiership will definitely be kept on their toes now that the legendary striker has taken his talents to Rangers.


Defoe moved to Ibrox last week on an 18-month loan deal and will likely prove crucial in the second half of Rangers' season.

Steven Gerrard has his Gers side well-positioned to maintain a title bid this term and the acquisition of Defoe is viewed by most as a shrewd piece of business.


The ex-Liverpool midfielder and captain has explained how he managed to persuade Defoe, a former England international teammate of his, to move north of the border after an unremarkable spell with Bournemouth.

"Rangers sells itself but I tried to say to Jermain about where I was at that stage of my own playing career," Gerrard told the Daily Record.

"For me it was about enjoyment. I asked Jermain if a relegation battle was right for him at this stage of his career.


"Was him not being guaranteed games right for him at this stage too? He is well aware of the size of the club, he knows everything about Rangers.

"I showed him how we’re trying to play, how we’re trying to evolve and he was super excited by that. The chance to win some medals, that’s what came out of his mouth.

"He wants the final chapter, if you like, to be successful. He has goals to chase and goals to score. If we create chances then he will score heavy, he is buying right into it. In terms of natural finishers he is up there with the Fowlers of this world. He is very similar, a player who only needs half a yard."