Eveyone's thinking the same thing as Steve Bruce resigns from Hull 5 years ago

Eveyone's thinking the same thing as Steve Bruce resigns from Hull

Well then, we didn't see that one coming...

The England manager job was supposed to be a done deal. Sam Allardyce and Steve Bruce were the leading candidates, Big Sam won with an amazing PowerPoint, and he's getting the top job in football for the end of the week.


Only Big Sam has officially been announced on the FA website but things just got a bit more interesting as Steve Bruce has resigned from Hull City - according to Sky Sports, at least.


It's probably just a weird coincidence that Steve Bruce is deciding to tender his resignation so soon after being up for the England job.

Most likely, going for the England job has helped the former Manchester United defender realise his potential, and now he wants to try bigger things.

Or perhaps Steve Bruce is resigning from Hull because he's angling for the Sunderland job once Big Sam get the England job.

Or maybe he's decided he's taken Hull as far as they can go right now after bringing them back to the Premier League, and someone else should work under Assem Allam.


Or maybe it's a combination of all three.

All we know is, Big Sam is still the Sunderland boss, Steve Bruce is a free agent and the England job is still empty.

Let the pisstakery commence.



English football... never ever boring, even if it is a bit mediocre.

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