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10th Sep 2015

Spurs officials have a very petty car rule for new signing Son


Kevin Beirne

The rivalry between Arsenal and Spurs has given us some of the greatest games of the Premier League era, but it has also given us some of the pettiest moments too.

We thought we had reached peak pettiness when Jack Wilshere took time out of Arsenal’s FA Cup celebrations to make fun of their North London neighbours, but this is even worse.

New signing Son Heung-min revealed just how deep the rivalry goes when he told Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo: “Tottenham officials already told me I can’t even buy a red car.”

We wonder if this extends to other Arsenal-related items too. During the 1990s, were Spurs players unable to record themselves on Match of the Day because of a club-wide JVC?

Perhaps Heung-min has to make a series of lengthy and complicated connecting flights any time he needs to return to Korea for an international match, in order to avoid using Emirates Airlines.

Perhaps most damningly of all, it is rumoured* that the Tottenham Hotspur hierarchy preach a doctrine of strict creationism so as not to recognise the validity of Arsenal’s mascot, the Gunnersaurus.

*By us.