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28th Jun 2017

Cost of sponsoring McGregor vs. Mayweather is absolutely astonishing

A hell of a lot more than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Conan Doherty

There’ll be a bit of interest in this alright.

Imagine what it would set you back to sponsor Conor McGregor for what will be the biggest fight of all time.

Now imagine the cost of having your logo planted bang smack in the middle of the ring as the Dubliner trades blows with none other than Floyd Mayweather.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that ‘Money’ knows how to generate… money.

If that means walking to the ring with Justin Bieber and Burger King, he’ll do it.

There’ll be more sideshows in the pre-fight of McGregor-Mayweather than there will be during the actual fighting.

During the Pacquiao fight, that meant some bizarre choice of tributes in the build-up.

And even weirder choice of singers.

Now a superfight between two of the most distinctive personalities in world sport, ever? You know it’s going to get wild.

Price to title sponsor McGregor-Mayweather

According to ESPN, the asking price has been set at $10 million for the August 26 bout.

‘The sponsoring company would get its logo at the center of the ring at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, its branding on ring girls, on two of the ropes and in the two nonfighter corners of the ring,’ ESPN reports.

‘The deal also includes sponsorship of the first minute of every round on the broadcast and $500,000 in tickets.’

Before now, beer company Tecate paid the most money for boxing’s largest single-fight sponsorship for the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao showdown. That was $5.6 million.

What’s most interesting is that Conor McGregor is not tied to Reebok for the Floyd Mayweather fight.

The Crumlin man is sponsored by the sportswear firm for MMA but not for boxing and, Christ, what a lucrative come-and-get-me plea that would be.

The estimated purses for both fighters ahead of the fight that will stop the world – even if some will pretend it won’t – is quite frankly staggering.

Forbes report that the pair will receive approximately the following:

  • Mayweather – $100 million
  • McGregor – $75 million

That’s before we even talk about who will sponsor McGregor and when all these sponsors will pay for the privilege.

Jesus, this is incredible what he’s done.