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29th Jul 2017

Spare a thought for poor Arsenal supporters on today of all days.

It doesn't matter who you support, this is heartbreaking.

Nooruddean Choudry


Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are playing a game of dare with the continuing existence of the human race at risk; Britain is teetering on the brink of a Brexit cliff face with incompetent buffoons leading the way; hatred and misinformation go hand in hand as the free press becomes the controlled, twisted media. The future is an ever more frightening and unpredictable place.

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But in spite of anyone and everyone who is suffering out there on this planet that we have doomed to destruction in a matter of generations, please please please spare a thought for Arsenal fans. They don’t like to complain about their many woes and are loathed to make a fuss, but some things are so heinous that it is impossible to keep them inside. This Saturday, their fate was unconscionable.

That’s because poor Gooners everywhere hoping to catch their Alexis-less side take on Portuguese giants Benfica in the Emirates Cup were left confounded and then distraught at the cruel trauma they would have to endure just to support their team. Armchair Arsenal supporters had little option but to view the friendly game on Quest TV – which isn’t even broadcast in High Definition.

Imagine that. No HD option. If you can bear it, below are just of the reactions of this desperate first world problem. Please, if you can, help raise awareness.