Bizarre 'x-ray' Spanish football kit shows players hearts, veins and arteries 6 months ago

Bizarre 'x-ray' Spanish football kit shows players hearts, veins and arteries

We've seen a lot of interesting football kits already this season

Norwich City's kit is one of them. It is very nice, in our opinion, but one can't help but look at its design and assume that this is what a budgie would look like if it came up against Thanos.

Another weird one belongs to Tottenham Hotspur, whose away jersey looks like a sequence from the intro to Narcos.

Of course we cannot forget the GOAT weird kit this year, courtesy of Argentinian side Ferro de General Pico, who have donned not only a jersey with Homer Simpson skulking into the bushes, but also an Itchy and Scratchy one.

Superb effort all around.

As nice and weird and wonderful as all of those are, they all have quite a bit of competition courtesy of Spanish lower league side Zamora CF, who this week unveiled their new kit, manufactured by Kappa.

This number features the club's crest in the middle of the chest, embedded in the heart, while the rest of the jersey depicts what we assume they believe the human body to look like under all that skin, with predominantly red and white veins commemorating the club's primary colours.

Why did they do this? Well, here is the club's explanation.

"We chose the blood, the liquid that carries life in our body, which is born and flows from the heart to feed our emotions and feelings."

So that's that.