Someone has remade the iconic Accrington Stanley ad - only with vodka instead of milk 1 year ago

Someone has remade the iconic Accrington Stanley ad - only with vodka instead of milk

These days marketeers piggyback on the popularity of football clubs to raise the profile of the new brand of noodles/car tyre/obscure financial services company tat they want to promote.

But there is one football club which the world would never have heard of, were it not for an iconic advert for another product.

Accrington Stanley became a household name in the 1980s - and all because of an advert for milk.

Mention the club's name now to anyone, and their response will almost certainly be: "Accrington Stanley? Who are they?" in a piss poor Scouse accent.

Some of them won't even know why they're doing it. Some of them will only be copying others they've heard do it, and just repeat it rather than ask what the hell it's all about for fear of looking stupid.

But many will remember the old milk ad that turned Accy Stanley from anonymous non-league Lancashire cloggers into the talk of the TV in 1989.

'Wonder what happened to the lad drinking the milk?' I hear you ask.

Well, wonder no more. Because the people behind Black Cow, the world’s first vodka made from milk (no, really), have tracked him down. And even better than that, they've recreated the ad with Carl Rice, now 36, and vodka, in place of milk.



Carl said: “I never imagined that the original ad would go on to make such an impact. 30 years of working in this industry and people still fondly remember it. I’ve even been invited up to Accrington to watch the club a few times.

"Remembering my lines for this Black Cow ad wasn’t exactly hard and the only difference was swapping the milk for milk vodka.”

Paul Archard, co-founder of Black Cow, explained that the vodka is entirely created from milk (you can do that? Seriously?)

“Often when we explain that Black Cow is vodka made from milk the reaction we get is ‘Milk?! Eugh!’ and this made us think of the classic “Accrington Stanley, Who Are They?’ ad," he said. "

Consider this our homage to one of the UK’s great ads that, like us, champions the great taste of milk and the work of British dairy farmers.”

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