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01st May 2017

Irish club’s Twitter account brilliantly slaps down disgruntled gambler complaining about result

That is why they call it gambling

Mikey Stafford

Ain’t Twitter great?

It gives us a platform to let the world know what we are thinking, eating, playing, hating etc etc etc.

It is also a great tool for bringing fans closer to their heroes – be they from the sporting sphere, music, movies or wherever.

Those public figures can also communicate directly with their followers, cutting out pesky intermediaries like the media.

Or, you know, you can hire someone to communicate directly with your followers on your behalf. An intermediary, if you will.

Sometimes, the ability to communicate directly with sporting figures or teams is just too tempting. Like when one of these teams has failed to do the thing that you wagered with a bookmaker that they would do.

Irish Premier Division strugglers Sligo Rovers tried to put their league troubles behind them on Monday afternoon in the EA Sports Cup quarter-final at home to Galway.

The match, scoreless at full-time, finished 2-2 after extra-time only for Sligo to go out on penalties – missing four spot kicks during the shootout.

More bad news in a tough season thus far for the Irish team.

So, what they really did not need was some lad chirping up on Twitter, complaining that the two teams had failed to score more than 1.5 goals in 90 minutes.

Fair play to whoever runs the Sligo Rovers Twitter account because, they are right, nobody really cares about Andy’s accumulator.

The words “crying”, “spilled” and “milk” spring to mind.