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25th Sep 2015

Sir Alex Ferguson recalls Jose Mourinho’s famous “Special One” press conference

Simon Lloyd

Sir Alex Ferguson recalled the moment he watched Jose Mourinho label himself the “Special One”, at his first Chelsea press conference.

Speaking at an event which promoted his new book, Leading, the retired Manchester United manager claimed that he knew instantly that he should avoid being drawn into mind games with the Portuguese manager.

“When I watched his press conference and he called himself the Special One, I thought ‘I’m not taking him on,'” Ferguson said.

“He was charismatic, young and the media loved him, so there was nothing to be gained from taking him on,” he explained.

Many believed that Mourinho would one day succeed Ferguson as Manchester United manager. While the decision to appoint David Moyes didn’t end as those connected with United would have hoped it would, Ferguson also stated that he felt it was the right appointment at that time.