Simon Thomas apologises for calling Edouard Mendy 'Benjamin Mendy' live on air 8 months ago

Simon Thomas apologises for calling Edouard Mendy 'Benjamin Mendy' live on air

Simon Thomas has called for kindness

Amazon Prime's Simon Thomas has apologised for calling Edouard Mendy' Benjamin Mendy' live on air during the build-up to Manchester United vs Arsenal.


During the lead up to Manchester United vs Arsenal on Thursday night, sports pundit Simon Thomas praised Aaron Ramsdale by comparing him to Edouard Mendy. However, instead of referring to Edouard, Thomas instead referenced Benjamin Mendy, who is currently in remanded in prison for numerous charges of rape.


Thomas took to Twitter to share his apology.

He wrote: "A few less than kind messages about a mistake over the Chelsea keepers first name.


"Genuine mistake - sorry. It happens and if people knew the battle with anxiety I am going through at the moment just to do the job I love maybe they wouldn't be so unpleasant. Just trying my best."

But people have not taken kindly to the apology, with one person writing: "The issue here is that Edouard Mendy, one the most humble, hard working and inspirational figures in the game was once again mixed up with a man who has been charged with 7 counts of rape, and nobody corrected it."


Another said: "No Way You Guys Mistake One Man For The Other. One A Goalkeeper & Other A Defender Two Different Teams. Edouard & Benjamin Doesn't Sound Alike. First It Was Pictures Now This? This Sort Of Mistakes, What About What Edouard Mendy Is Battling With?"

Sky football presenter Michelle Owen supported her fellow presenter, replying to his initial tweet with: "Those people could never dream of presenting pitchside at Old Trafford, with at least 3 people talking in their ear, in the freezing cold trying to pay attention to what the guests are saying and doing a brilliant job. We were saying how great you were!"

Football legend Alan Shearer replied: "You were brilliant man. Well done."



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