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19th May 2016

Simon Mignolet reveals exactly what Jurgen Klopp told the Liverpool players after Europa League final defeat

Learning curve


Liverpool’s players will never forget the moments immediately following the final whistle in Basel on Wednesday night.

After throwing away a goal lead to lose 3-1 to Sevilla, Jurgen Klopp saw the perfect opportunity to pinpoint where things went wrong for his side in the second half.

Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, whose uncertain place in Klopp’s future plans has been a constant subject of discussion, revealed that the German sat the whole squad down directly after full-time to give them a lesson in how they must use the defeat as a lesson.

Liverpool v Sevilla - UEFA Europa League Final

“Straight after the game he called the lads together and said ‘especially the second half, we can learn from these things’,” Mignolet told

“It’s not easy straight after the game because everybody is disappointed, you feel that.

“You’re looking for the answers, but you can’t really find it at this moment in time. The thing is that we have to learn from this and get stronger for it.

Liverpool v Sevilla - UEFA Europa League Final

“We’re still a young group of lads and we’ll get better from this.

“So short after the game you just feel so disappointed. You don’t really know what comes with it.

“It’s very difficult to be objective after this and you just feel the fact that you lost the final – that’s the only thing you can describe at this moment.

“You’re looking for the answers that you can’t really find at this time.”