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07th Jul 2017

SHOWTIME drops absolutely stunning McGregor vs. Mayweather promo

"I see it in my head... and then it happens"

Patrick McCarry

Mother of all that is holy….

The game is most definitely afoot. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are mere weeks away from throwing gloves.

August 26 will be on us before we know it.

Next Tuesday will see a world promotional tour kick off, with Los Angeles, Toronto, Brooklyn and London the stops on a gruelling four-day publicity drive. You can be damned sure that each one will get us talking and the expensive fur flying.

SHOWTIME is looking after the pay-per-view duties in the United States and they have released the first official fight promo.

Many of the soundbites are taken from previous fights and press conferences that both men have featured in but there are a few new gems in there. And shots of money. Gratuitous, gratuitous shots.

Mayweather Jr talks about staying at the top of boxing while ‘The Notorious’ brags about his abilities to put men to sleep with his ‘Celtic Cross’ left. He declares:

“I see it in my head… and then it happens.

“It’s going to be familiar because I already know I can face anything.”

A quite brilliant scene is set and we hope McGregor does not live to regret the words, ‘It’s over before it begins’…

The hype is building. Not too much longer to wait.