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21st Feb 2017

Shower Orange is taking the internet (and the world) by storm

Do you Shower Orange?

Rory Cashin

Shower Orange. It is exactly what it sounds like.

Following in the hollowed footsteps of Shower Beer, taking on the Shower Orange challenge is quite simple: grab an orange, get into the shower, eat the orange.

No grapefruits or other fruits will suffice, but mandarins and tangerines are allowed.

A writer for Buzzfeed happened across a subreddit with over 8,000 people involved in the Shower Orange idea, and decided to take it on himself.

But he wasn’t the first person to cover the phenomenon, with Men’s Health saying having a Shower Orange should become a part of our daily routine: ‘Smell and taste are the senses that arrive first in life and persist longest in memory, as well as every morning of every day. Which is the point, exactly, of eating a cold orange in the hot shower, before anything else can happen, before you can even be called awake.’

So there you have it. Shower Orange – what do we think?

Shower Orange: Yay or Nay?