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26th Apr 2019

Sheffield Wednesday’s goal of the season competition is the best you’ll ever see

Wayne Farry

sheffield wednesday goal of the season

Goals are very good

Without goals, football matches would not be anywhere near as good as they are. Goals make the game exciting. All kinds of goals are good, even if they are absolutely atrocious or very lucky, but every football fan – almost universally – prefers goals which are absolute stunners.

Stunners are hard to come by for most teams and – without the benefit of any particular stats on the subject – one can safely assume that less than one percent of an average team’s goals are really aesthetically pleasing.

That percentage is likely much higher for Championship side Sheffield Wednesday, who appear to have score an inordinate amount of stunning goals during the 2018/19 season.

This is evidenced by their goal of the season competition, which the club announced on their Twitter account early on Friday.

The competition, which features a video, shows that Wednesday’s goal of the season contest likely features better goals than any solitary league’s goal of the season content.

Long range stunner after long range stunner, it’s an absolute delight to watch. So even if you don’t plan on voting, do yourself a favour and spend a few minutes watching them all.