Sergio Romero was the epitome of class towards dejected Celta Vigo 5 years ago

Sergio Romero was the epitome of class towards dejected Celta Vigo

One team's dizzying high is another's crushing low, that's the weird reality of sport.

Once John Guidetti missed that sitter in the final seconds of the Europa League semi-final second leg against Manchester United, two contrasting things happened.


Firstly, the crowd erupted with ecstasy inside Old Trafford to reaching the final. There was such a cathartic release of emotions as the Red Devils achieved their minimum requirement for the tournament of reaching the last two. The United players lapped up the atmosphere, celebrating the dramatic triumph.

The Celta Vigo players, on the other hand, slumped to the turf in utter dejection as they let a glorious opportunity to defeat one of the world's biggest teams slip right through their fingers. They had come close, but victory was always just out of reach. No one remembers the losing semi-finalists.

While the United players were raising their arms towards the sky in victory, goalkeeper Sergio Romero was extending his down to the Earth to help the fallen back to their feet.


The Argentine shotstopper really represented himself well after the final whistle blew, going straight over to the Celta Vigo players to console them on their loss.

Not in a patronising or arrogant manner either, just basic human empathy. Sportsmanship at its finest.


When they didn't have the strength to stand, Romero picked them up.

And when they needed a place for the tears, Romero offered his shoulder.


What an absolute gentleman.