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08th May 2019

Sergio Busquets cries during interview after Barcelona defeat to Liverpool

Wayne Farry

sergio busquets

There’ll be a lot of sympathy for the poor guy

Sergio Busquets is one of the best footballers of his generation. Technically gifted, strong, an eye for a pass and the ability to turn on a six-pence; almost all of these qualities are overshadowed by his sheer shithousery.

He is a large man, and a strong one, but still goes down under a shoulder or a tackle like he has been hit by a hurricane, or a shockwave. It is because of this side of him that he is not exactly well liked by many football supporters.

Respected? Yes. But liked? Not really.

Because of this there was a wide degree of schadenfreude after Busquets and his shithousing Barcelona teammates were spectacularly defeated by Liverpool in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final on Tuesday night.

Ernesto Valverde’s team had spent the majority of both legs – particularly during their 3-0 first leg victory – utilising their full array of dark arts in a bid to reach the final.

“They were better than us. They went after the game from the first minute,” said an emotional Busquets after the game.

“We had chances to score the goal we needed but it was not to be. I can’t say anything more.”

Tears could then be seen welling up in his eyes as he finally said: “I just want to say sorry to the supporters. After Roma we didn’t want this to happen again.”