Sean Dyche flies into sweary rant after Raheem Sterling challenge 1 year ago

Sean Dyche flies into sweary rant after Raheem Sterling challenge


Eight 'f***ings' in little over 10 seconds. EIGHT


By now, you'd think managers and players would have grown used to this empty stadium thing.

With no crowds there to mask the sound, some managers and coaching staff might even have learned to curb their expletive-laden touchline rants for fear of it being picked up by pitch-side microphones.

Some, but not Sean Dyche. Definitely not Sean Dyche.


Burnley went down 3-0 at home to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday evening as Pep Guardiola's side breezed through to the quarter-finals of the competition they will inevitably win again because they are Manchester City, and Manchester City love winning the Carabao Cup more any team in the history of Thai-energy drink-sponsored cup competitions.

Raheem Sterling scored City's first two goals of the game before provoking Dyche into a magnificently furious, sweary outburst.

Sterling was fractionally late in challenging Matthew Lowton near the touchline, giving away a free-kick and earning himself a yellow card and an ear-bashing from the Burnley boss and at least one other member of his staff.

It's hard to detect exactly what is said, but at least 8 (eight) 'f***ings' can be heard within the space of 12.8 seconds along with someone telling Sterling that, in their respectful opinion, he spends a considerable amount of time on the floor.


Here, have a listen (but probably not if you're in work or with the kids):

Manchester City will find out who they play in the quarter-finals (like it even matters at this stage) after Liverpool's game with Arsenal on Thursday.