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15th Dec 2016

WWE legend accidentally shares something extremely embarrassing while posting pic of his Christmas tree

He deleted it pretty quick-sharp.

Mike Wright

Scott Hall has an illustrious wrestling career behind him.

He’s in the WWE hall of fame and was the four-time WWF Intercontinental Champion.

You’d assume that’d be enough for him to be best remembered then as a  successful wrestling star.

Well that was pretty much a sure bet until a few days ago, when the wrestler decided to show off his new Christmas tree on Instagram.

Now there’s nothing wrong with using social media to show you’re getting into the festive mood.

But rule one (and we mean RULE ONE here) when sharing pics of your abode on social media is make sure there’s nothing embarrassing lurking just in shot.

Sadly Scott either hasn’t read the Social Media Basic Errors Avoidance handbook or was so enthused about his new festive decorations he simply forgot.

Either way he posted this picture, which seems fine and unremarkable at first glance.


Until you notice what’s on the TV in the right hand corner.

Now we’re not going to speculate as to what exactly it was, but it was embarrassing enough for the WWE star to take down the post quick-sharp.

But not fast enough for it not to be screen-grabbed and start doing the rounds on social media.

He may want to add that Social Media Basic Errors Avoidance handbook to his list for Santa…