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30th Aug 2018

Samuel Eto’o to buy house for homeless former Cameroon captain

Wayne Farry

samuel eto'o

Samue Eto’o out here doing the Lord’s work

Former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o has promised to buy a home for Norbert Owona, a former captain of Cameroon, who has found himself homeless.

Owona was captain of The Indomitable Lions in the 1960s and 1970s, is now 67 years old and has been living on the streets of Douala, the city where he played football for club side Union Douala.

Owona was recently forced into hospital with a hernia, at which point Eto’o visited him and promised him a home.

He also donated half a million Cameroon francs (£686) to the former captain, according to another former Cameroon player, Joseph Kamga.

According to a report in the BBC, Kamga has been campaigning on behalf of a number of former national team players, many of whom have been left destitute after retiring from the professional game.

Owona himself had written to the country’s government about his living conditions, which he described as being “like an animal”.