Samir Nasri will probably regret appearing in this drug-filled video 6 years ago

Samir Nasri will probably regret appearing in this drug-filled video

We've all had to deal with the uncertainty of a new boss coming in.

It's a mix of dread and curiosity as you look for ways to impress them and make your mark early. In the end, the same questions always come up.


Will they like me? What if they want to do things differently than what I'm used to? Should I let my friends share a video of me alongside a copious amounts of drugs that my boss will definitely see?

Okay, maybe that last one is little more specific than the others, but that doesn't mean it hasn't crossed some of our minds.

Take, for example, Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri.


samir nasri

Since it was announced that Manuel Pellegrini would be leaving the Etihad to be replaced by Pep Guardiola, the Frenchman has sort of been...acting out.

First, he did the stereotypical act of teenage rebellion by dying his hair, but we all thought it was just a footballer thing because supposed goodie-two-shoes Aaron Ramsey and Phil Jones ended up doing it too.

Hell, even Lionel Messi thought it was worth a shot.


Manchester City Pre-game Training & Press Conference

But then reports emerged that some of the Manchester City squad were not allowed to train with the first team until they lost some weight, with Nasri believed to be among the players deemed to be overweight by Pep Guardiola.

And even if Guardiola is okay with giving players a second chance, you have to imagine that the's been pushed pretty close to the edge after a video has emerged showing the City midfielder enjoying some time off with his mates, cut between clips of what appears to be an array of marijuana types.


The video also appears to show Nasri dancing by a pole, which could actually be in his house considering our previous looks at the place.

He's going to have some explaining to do.

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