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Sami Khedira isn't happy about Fifa 18 ignoring his 'new' hairdo
Probably the most important sports news of the day...

It's been a good couple of weeks since the launch of Fifa 18.

On the whole, it seems to have been another winner, with plenty in agreement that its painstaking attention to detail sets it apart from any other football game out there.

Sami Khedira, however, might think slightly differently...

The German international moved to Juventus two summers ago after spending five years at Real Madrid. Soon after making the move, he also changed his hairstyle - opting for a shorter cut than the one we'd been used to seeing him with.

To the obvious disappointment of Khedira, his 'new' hairdo has yet to be picked up by the makers of Fifa - despite approaching its two year anniversary. Taking matters into his own hands, Khedira tweeted EA Sports directly, making them aware that an update was due.

For Sami's sake, let's hope they right this wrong before the launch of Fifa 19.


And that, kids, is the very latest, highly important Fifa 18 news. You're welcome.

What do you mean 'slow news day'?

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