Russian club parody iconic Blink 182 video for kit reveal 2 months ago

Russian club parody iconic Blink 182 video for kit reveal

Rostov, for reasons unknown, decided to emulate the Blink 182 video for What's My Age Again to release their new kit

With every professional football club in the world releasing *at least* two new kits before each season, kit reveals are, generally speaking, incredibly dull.


Mostly, it's limited to a few nice photographs of important players modelling the new shirt and looking very serious. Occasionally, some clubs will go to town a bit and do a fancy video, probably banging on about how the latest kit is inspired in some way by a memorable occasion in the club's history.

It's all pretty very predictable.

Which is exactly why this, from Rostov, is a welcome change.

We're not exactly sure why yet - and frankly, who cares? - but the Russian club have decided to launch their new home kit by parodying Blink 182 in their video for What's My Age Again.

The Californian rock band released the song in 1999. The three band members were seen running naked through the streets in its official video.

We're not all that struck on the new shirt, but with the video below, Rostov have set the bar high for any other club looking to get creative with their kit launches this year.


Not only do we see players running through the Rostov streets in the new kit, we're also treated to them performing the song itself - possibly naked; probably not.

Here, look.

We have nothing but respect.