Roy Keane bemused by "child-like" Rudiger's bite on Pogba 11 months ago

Roy Keane bemused by "child-like" Rudiger's bite on Pogba

"It was more of a nibble than a bite!"

France vs. Germany has served up some classics over the years, and this Euro 2020 group game had a bit of bite, courtesy of Antonio Rudiger.


The Chelsea defender was tangling with France midfielder Paul Pogba, late in the first half, when he inexplicably decided to have a wee chew.


While this does not rank up there with Luis Suarez implanting his dentures on Giorgio Chiellini, at World Cup 2014, there was enough nip on Pogba's shoulder to make him yelp out.

Pogba ended up having a free kick given against him for pulling Rudiger's arm in frustration. He was incredulous that the incident was not picked up.

It beggars belief that the Germany star would have a snap at Pogba given the amount of TV cameras in the ground.

On ITV, pundits Patrick Vieira, Ian Wright and Roy Keane discussed the incident. While Wright said it was hard to clearly see what happened, Keane and Vieira were happy to weigh in.


Patrick Vieira: "I don't know what he's done there. You've seen Pogba's reaction. It looked like a bite, so I don't really understand what he was trying to do there."

Roy Keane: "I think it was more of a nibble than a bite, wasn't it though?! Yeah, it wasn't a proper bite, was it?"

Keane was less pleased with Rudiger's haphazard defending for the France move that led to their first half opener. Seven German players were all drawn to the ball but one sweeping Pogba pass opened them up, out on the left.

"For so many players to be in the wrong position from a throw-in, at this level, there's no excuse.


"Rudiger should be minding his own business. Why he's getting drawn into that [press] and chasing people... he's child-like, trying to chase the ball. Real poor goal."