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06th Oct 2015

Roy Keane on Ireland star: “unless he’s breast-feeding, he should be alright” (Video)

Conan Doherty

Rule of thumb: ask Roy Keane a stupid question, you’ll get an answer made out of pure gold.

Keane and journalists are a match made in comedy heaven, and a perfect storm was whipped up as the Republic of Ireland assistant manager addressed the media at the team’s base in Abbotstown.

It started with an innocent enough question.

“Will Robbie [Keane] be available [for the Germany game]?”

Naturally, Roy’s eyebrow raises.

“Why wouldn’t he be?”

With Ireland playing Germany on Thursday, what else could he be doing?

“His wife just had a baby…” the reply whispers.

Initiate: death stare.

“Well, HE didn’t have the baby. Unless he’s breast-feeding, he should be alright.”

Not even a flicker of a smile. Hero.