Roy Keane gets into a heated exchange with fan after Manchester Derby 6 months ago

Roy Keane gets into a heated exchange with fan after Manchester Derby

Keane didn't sound too happy

Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane became embroiled in a heated debate with a fan whilst signing autographs after yesterday's Manchester Derby.


Despite United suffering a 0-2 defeat at Saturday's match (November 6), Keane still took the time to sign autographs with eager fans outside Old Trafford - however things quickly turned tense.

While it's unclear what sparked the back-and-forth between Keane and a disgruntled passer by - the majority of which was caught on camera by the drizzle-soaked crowd - the former United player is quick to suggest that alcohol may have played a part.


Keane confronts the passer by and can be heard saying: "You've had a few drinks and you're taking it out on me?"

A mumbled rebuttal from the disgruntled fan quickly follows, before Keane adds: "You've had a few drinks? You can tell. What have you had - two pints?"

Keane then swiftly makes his exit, walking off and disappearing into the crowd.


While the cause of the conflict remains unclear at the time of writing, viewers of the clip on Twitter have clearly taken Keane's side.

"No backing dwn" posted on person, accompanying his tweet with a thumbs up emoji.

"The guy has more passion than the whole squad" said another.

Meanwhile, others were quick to reflect on potential wider issues at play.


"This club is in disarray" posted one saddened viewer.

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