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31st Dec 2016

Ronaldo’s latest festive cringey ad demonstrates why he doesn’t need mountain of Chinese cash

Clearly he's rich enough

Rob Burnett

Cristiano Ronaldo is rich.

Really, really rich.

He’s so rich he earned money last year than AC Milan. AC Milan!

The Real Madrid superstar made an incredible £191million in 2015 from his club salary plus income from myriad commercial endorsements and investments.

Some of that cash comes from Portuguese electrical company, MEO who produce speakers, among other things.

And as part of his work for the firm, Ronnie is required to ‘star’ in plenty of cringeworthy TV adverts.

And today he posted a new one on his Twitter account, which is part of the same campaign that was doing the rounds in November, when he played the part of Kevin in a Home Alone re-make.

Today’s sees the topless footballer tending to his hair and using his comb as a microphone to wish everyone a happy new year.

If you’ve forgotten how awful the full length original was, then take a look here:

Good job he’s good at football.

He’s so good in fact, that his agent Jorge Mendes claims an unnamed Chinese club offered the 31-year-old a deal worth €100m-a-year – but said he has no interest in leaving Spanish football.

“From China, they’ve offered 300m euros to Real Madrid and more than 100m per year to the player,” Mendes said.

“But money is not everything. Real Madrid is his life. Cristiano is happy at Real Madrid and it is impossible to go to China.”

Given what he must be getting paid for starring in adverts like the one above, it’s no surprise he doesn’t need the money from the Chinese Super League…