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24th Sep 2020

Roma fan awakes from coma after being played video message from Francesco Totti

Ilenia Matilli was in a coma for months after surviving a car crash and has been woken with the help of a video of Roma legend Francesco Totti

Reuben Pinder

She had been in a coma for nine months

A Roma fan has woken up from her coma after being played a video message from former Roma forward and de facto King of Rome, Francesco Totti, according to reports in the Italian press.

Ilenia Matili, a player for Lazio but a lifelong Roma fan, was comatose for nine months after surviving a car crash in December 2019 that her friend, Martina Oro, tragically did not survive.

Her parents would often play her Roma’s official anthem, and it was arranged for Totti to send her a message of support.

“Ilenia don’t give up, you’ll do it, we’re all with you”, Totti said in the video message, according to La Repubblica.

Matili and her parents have now requested for Totti to visit them in hospital so they can thank him, saying: “Your fantastic voice, combined with the passion, the love that Ilenia has always had for Roma, have favoured her awakening, the return of her smile so contagious that you can not do without, to its eyes full of light and joy.

“Dear Francesco, what are we waiting for? We look forward to seeing you, Ilenia is waiting for you.”

At a time when the world is burning, it warms the heart to be reminded how football’s effect on people goes way deeper than what happens on the pitch, even the weekend. It is quite literally deeply entrenched in people’s souls.

Get well soon, Ilenia.