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02nd Jan 2018

Rob Cross had a sweet yet unusual breakfast before he beat Phil Taylor

He's one of our own

Patrick McCarry

We’re heading straight to the shops after this…

Rob Cross is the PDC World Champion after taking former darts kingpin Phil Taylor to the brightly-coloured shirt cleaners on Monday.

An electrician by trade, Cross’ journey from championship outsider to winner proved utterly compelling and won him a legion of new fans. His darts weren’t bad either as he dismantled Taylor with a superb display of points accumulation and clutch close-outs.

A sign of how far has come appeared soon after he has dispatched ‘The Power’ 7-2 in the final.

From a share of £14 to a cheque for £400,000 to keep for himself, Cross is on the rise. Indeed, he has climbed to third in the world rankings and is included in the 2018 Premier League Darts line-up, ensuring some more sizeable cheques.

The BBC caught up with Cross the morning after his world championship win and recorded a quirky ‘Breakfast of Champions’ segment. The Englishman revealed what he had on the day of his life-changing success, but admitted he sometimes skips his morning tucker if he has an early game. He commented:

“Usually, and it’s going to sound sad actually. It’s Coco Pops or something.

“Sometimes a fry-up too, and it depends how you feel and what I’ve got on for that day. If I’m prepping before I play then sometimes I’ll go without or sometimes it’d be Coco Pops. 

“It’s never normally a fried breakfast but if we’ve got a day off it’s a fried breakfast.”

Chris Latchem then got the nod that Cross did indulge in a bowl of chocolate coated creal with some fresh milk before his day of days.

If Kellogs get wind of this, Cross may never have another fried breakfast again. He may never need to.