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25th Apr 2017

Rival fans taunt Chapecoense with disgusting chant about plane crash that killed 71 people

You can't sink much lower than this...


It is difficult to sink any lower than this.

A small group of fans from a rival team have been filmed taunting Chapecoense over the plane crash that resulted in the deaths of 71 people.

22 players from the Brazilian team, as well as coaches and club staff, died in the crash last November. The team were travelling to Colombia to play Atlético Nacional in the first-leg of the Copa Sudamericana final.

The plane crashed because of fuel exhaustion, with the final report due to be released this month.

Chapecoense are back playing and were in action recently against Criciuma. A small section of the Cricuma support was filmed taunting Chapecoense over the tragedy last November.

They chanted: “Ao, ao, ao, abastece o aviao” which translates as: “no, no, no, refuel the plane.”

Pretty despicable stuff from a small, but ignorant, minority of the team’s supporters.