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14th Jun 2017

Richard Keys is getting a lot of stick for his insensitive Ronaldo tweet

Even Tony Bellew got involved

Ben Kiely

Richard Keys making a comment he probably shouldn’t have? Stop the presses!

Was it just b*nter, Richard Keys?

The former Sky Sports man has been receiving a lot of flak online again. This time, the source of people’s anger was his pot-shot at 2002 Fifa World Cup winner Ronaldo’s physique.

Keysie, as he prefers to be called, tweeted out a snippet from a Daily Mirror article featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, his son and the legendary Brazilian sharpshooter. He accompanied the image with the caption ‘Who ate all the pies,’ which clearly wasn’t a reference to the man with an eight-pack or his child.

Ronaldo actually suffers from hypothyroidism, a condition that slows down the metabolism, causes weight gain and makes it difficult to lose extra weight. When the iconic striker retired from the beautiful game in 2011 he claimed that he had lost a battle with his body due to the condition.

As you can imagine, Keysie’s fat joke didn’t go down too well with many quick to point out that Ronaldo’s size is actually the result of a medical condition.

Even Tony Bellew couldn’t resist putting Keysie back in his box.