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02nd Nov 2015

This is the extraordinary compensation package that Chelsea would have to pay Jose Mourinho

That's one and a half Pedros

Darragh Murphy

Roman Abramovich will be considering all his options before dropping the hammer on Jose Mourinho.

If the trigger-happy Russian does turn The Special One into The Unemployed One, he will have forked out more in compensation to Mourinho over the years than he will have in wages.

Crystal Palace v Chelsea

The Daily Mail report that Mourinho will score himself a tasty £30m in compensation if Abramovich finally loses his patience.

Add the £18m that Mou pocketed from his 2007 sacking to the compensation package staring at him now and that would mean that he’d have earned more from being sacked at Chelsea than from his Stamford Bridge salary which we’ve estimated to be a total of £41m over his two tenures in charge.


“Compensation” will become one of Chelsea’s biggest expenditures over the years as the Mail have claimed that the Blues have shelled out a whopping £70m in total severance payments since Abramovich bought the club in 2003.

Sacking Mourinho in 2007 – £18m, sacking Mourinho in 2015 – £30m, Mourinho’s “I’ve nothing to say” interview – priceless.