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01st Nov 2015

Chelsea first team player claims he’d “rather lose than win for Jose Mourinho”

This is astonishing...

Darragh Murphy

It’s never a good sign for a football club when one of its players would prefer to lose a game.

The reason why Chelsea currently have twice as many Premier League defeats at this stage of the season than they had in the whole of last season’s title-winning campaign may be down to the fact that the players actually want to lose.

BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Garry Richardson has made an incredible claim that one member of the Blues’ first team squad has admitted that he’d prefer to get no points from a game than deliver all three to Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League

Richardson said: “Let me tell you what I know on the Chelsea story. My information comes from a Chelsea first team player.

“The information was actually passed to me by a football contact. I was told that Jose Mourinho’s relationship with many of his players is at rock bottom.

“I was told they’re fed up with the way he’s been dealing with some of them. They’re fed up with his outbursts. I was told that his relationship particularly with Eden Hazard was under immense strain.

“Here’s a staggering quote. One player said recently, ‘I’d rather lose than win for him.’ Now that last quote may well have been said in the heat of the moment, but it perhaps gives an insight into the mood of some of the players.”

It’s recently been reported that a mutiny was taking place at Stamford Bridge as a number of high-profile players began turning on Jose Mourinho who has fallen under more and more pressure as Chelsea go about redefining the term ‘fall from grace.’