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10th Oct 2016

The latest twist in the York City/Jackie McNamara ‘win or I’m gone’ saga

Would you simply tell the chairman to 'do one'?

Rob Burnett

The most bizarre managerial sacking/resignation/leaving-by-mutual-consent-ing in football has taken another twist this morning.

York City boss Jackie McNamara said last week that if his side did not win on Saturday, he would resign.

The statement from the club came after another hammering, this time at Guiseley, and read:

‘Following a meeting with the Chairman this morning, and in light of the disappointing performance and result last night, York City manager Jackie McNamara has considered his position going forward.

‘It has been decided that, if the team fails to gain a positive result at Braintree Town on Saturday, the York City manager will tender his resignation.

‘The manager will be looking for a passionate and committed reaction from the players after the capitulation at Nethermoor Park on Tuesday evening.’

Talk about pressure. Was it a last throw of the dice at motivation for his underperforming players? Of course if they all hated him, they knew all they had to do was avoid winning and he’d be gone.

Either way, they threw away a lead to draw against Braintree Town on Saturday, and that was, surely, that.

Except it wasn’t.

According to local press, more talks were held between McNamara and chairman Jason McGill after the game.

Not sure what they were about given the pretty unequivocal statement in midweek, but heigh ho.

But now another twist. The club has now revealed McNamara will “step down” as manager.

Sort of.

In a statement they said the former Celtic skipper has been asked by the chairman “to train and prepare the team until a suitable candidate has been determined.”

Translation: “You’re fired, son. But until we find someone better than you to take your job, can you carry on doing it so everything doesn’t collapse around our ears? Ta very much. And close the door quietly on your way out.”

Football eh? It’s a shit business.

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