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30th Aug 2015

Real Madrid may p**s off their fans by signing David de Gea

Real headache...

Nooruddean Choudry

David de Gea should perhaps take heed of the age-old adage: Be careful what you wish for…

Numerous reports suggest that the unhappy Spanish goalkeeper will finally be granted his dream move to Real Madrid on Monday for a reported £29m fee. The general consensus is that a deal has finally been agreed between Real and Manchester United.

It would be something of a daunting proposition to man the sticks at the Bernabeu as it is; De Gea would enjoy none of the patience and support from the judgemental Madridistas that he has experienced in England. But now he must face another potential hurdle – the growing popularity of the man he will probably end up replacing.

Costa Rican Keylor Navas has had to live through a summer of uncertainty. It has been an open fact that his club would rather spend tens of millions on a new recruit than play him in the number one position. Regardless, he has never complained or let the rumours get him down. Instead he has kept his head down and worked hard to prove himself.

Over the weekend he had a wonderfully accomplished game against Real Betis, including a saved penalty. So much so that the crowd roared his name in appreciation. They chanted for the goalkeeper in a 5-0 victory. It was a fantastic moment of vindication for a player who will likely be a benchwarmer very soon.

It doesn’t exactly bode well for De Gea. He will know that any mistake or error will not only be greeted with boos and disapproving white hankies, but also murmurs of whether the popular Navas should regain his place. The United keeper is no stranger to the pressures of the game, but he could always rely on the fans to grant him support and appreciation.

If he wakes up as a Real Madrid player on Wednesday morning, De Gea’s dreams will have finally come true. But at the Bernabeu, you are only one bad performance away from a nightmare.